Biodanza Community

Here you will find places, tools and services for
communication and coloperation.

just Biodanza

  • Calendar for teacher, schools and organisations – free of charge
  • List of teacher – free of charge
  • Profiles for teachers, schools and organisations – small fee
  • own web site – small fee
  • ticketing
  • selling
  • marketing and advatising
  • etc.

just Biodanza
Services and Tools

getting support:

  • free of charge
  • small fee
  • cost by what you get

Biodanza Community

used for:

  • sharing documents and music
  • direct personal chats
  • chats for groups
  • working together
  • Video conferencing
  • Calendar
  • and more … based on
  • registration and using 1 month – free of charge

Biodanza Community

used for:

  • your communiation and
  • your committment to Biodanza
  • Addresses like – ‘’
  • getting your own email-alias – free of charge (only receive emails)
  • getting your own email-address for a small fee (receive and send emails)
  • Full IMAP/SMTP-Service on
    • Webmail,
    • Outlook, etc and
    • Smartphones

Biodanza Education
online learning

used for:

  • tutorials
  • theoretical input
  • courses – free of charge
  • courses – with some costs

became a teacher:

  • make tutorials for …


Do you want to support this places or tools? Let us know, what you can do.

we need – voluntary:

  • Translators
  • Coordinators
  • skills for grafic design
  • skills on photo and video design
  • skills on online learning systems
  • Skills on marketing and advertising
  • Skills on event organisation
  • skills in social media
  • skills for working on
    • wordpress
    • nextcloud
    • php, html, css

we offer:

  • tools and services – free of charge
  • going to events – free of charge
  • working in a team full of trust and empaty
  • working for expanding the Biodanza world
  • having a good time with
  • good friends

Later on:

  • we want to expand the team and offer a share
  • we want to have a team on payroll
  • we want to pay for some services

Send massage to Martin Matyus
Whatsapp: +43 676 608 3308 or email: